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Accepting Credit Cards in Your Business

US BanCard pledges to provide all merchants with top-notch payment processing solutions. We have the capability to handle electronic transactions through all key credit and debit networks. We offer our solutions across various sectors, ensuring all merchants process their payments using the industry's most secure platforms. Rest assured, once you establish a merchant account with US BanCard, your payment processing will be managed by reliable hands.


Essentials Plus

We provide assistance in tackling the challenges businesses encounter in selecting a merchant service provider. This includes offering transparent pricing structures, no-cost equipment plans, and no binding contracts. Additionally, we provide a dedicated representative for comprehensive support.

Elite Commerce Circle

For high volume merchants, we are fully equipped to meet your business requirements. We offer you a dedicated representative along with a support team, tailored pricing models, and no contracts.


Our business relationship with US BanCard Merchant Services has been absolutely faultless. The Credit Card Processing and POS System represents a great deal to our business. Additionally, the Statement Analysis has been very helpful in keeping up with our sales. Not only have we saved with their competitive rates, US BanCard has also demonstrated great care for their clients, the Customer and Tech Support is outstanding. We unquestionably recommend US BanCard to everyone.


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